“If you wear good shoes, they’ll take you to good places.”

Remember this line? … When Jandi, the infamous love interest of Jun Pyo received a pair of stilettos from this lady … I forgot her character’s name …But if you’re familiar with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ the Korean Drama then you probably have recalled this scene.

Ok, there can be lots of points for argument here, but the way I take it … it’s just a matter of how you frame your mind, I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a Manolo, a Choo or you just pick randomly a P100 ‘ukay-ukay’ shoe along the sidewalk. What matters is how well you decide where your shoes gonna take you.


Dhemz said...

totally agree with you teVernz...ehehhee...ka nice sa!

Gina Alfani said...

Love those shoes!

Chubskulit Rose said...

ZI love that too ate!

Kim, USA said...

Ang sa akin how long does the shoes last and if the price is right. ^_^ Thanks sa bisita!
Eat & Drink

admin said...

thanks for the visit to my blog. Nice shades of red and really cute shoes but not something i'd wear... I prefer something as mentioned by "Kim, USA"... :) Good day!

hopping from the island of saipan :)

Linnea said...

Those are cute; I'd try them with a little black dress as long as they don't have a high heel!

Unknown said...

You have a good taste in choosing shoes sis. Love it too!

Life Moto said...

cute ng shoes vernz , please don't mind for asking. is that for you :)salamat sa bisita vernz. i hope someday i could visit davao

w0rkingAth0mE said...

i agree with you .. its a line also in one of my fave korean series :)

MY Ruby Tuesday is here

maria said...

Love them.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Mine's here.

sheng said...

Nice Vernz...i don't have red shoes but now i think i should consider having one..

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

By Green Dei said...

I love that ballet flats!

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