Elfe With Plume Stick Pink
As I write I can hear my students panicking at the background rushing their last minute preparations for their prom night over the weekend. We have a toned-down Disney-themed party this year because some parents has been complaining of so much spendings so we also have to consider their part.

Had it not for this money matter issue, my proposal for an all-out Masquerade party could have been so grand. I can imagine everyone descending on a grand staircase striding along with their escorts in their splendid masks, keeping their identities and stealing kisses from their love interests without worries to be recognized. That plan could have transformed this weekend’s night into the most romantic one.

Hence, my plan to wear an Elfe was called-off – such a disappointment on my part but wait guys, if you’re planning to have a masquerade party and you’re looking for a perfect full face masks, check out www.1001venetianmasks.com they offer the widest selection of venetian carnival masks, Elfe masks – which I so love and many more online. Most of their items are on sale right now so it would be a great deal buying from them at this very moment. Their masks are made of the finest materials and superb craftsmanship, so every piece you get is a work of art. You wouldn’t regret having it on your wall after the party.

So why not check out their site and go on with your plan masquerading the night away.

Tata, thanks lovelies for dropping by, need to prepare my green ear – I’ll play Fiona on that night; I wonder how would I look?

(Photo Not Mine)


  1. Galing galind mo talagang writer ate hehehe.. Paguwi ko dyan masquerade party tayo weeee..

  2. BTW ate, I left comment on your Nostalgia last nite but I think it did not go through.. Please check your spam kasi once nagcomment ako sa WP blog, napupunta daw sa spam folder wahhh...

  3. hahaha...sama ako kay manang rose...lol!


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