I think clicking and hitting has taken a toll on me, I can feel my arm muscle jerking, geez. What can I do, I gone half the night tweaking the website design of my other blog, luckily I’ve saved the last code before the rooster crows at 4 in the morning.

Another truth is, right now, I’m halfway modifying this blog’s design. I can’t afford a make-over, besides I want to test my coding ability how far can I go, some sort of self-testing.

It’s quite a satisfying feeling when you achieve something that in the first place you knew nothing at all.

But truth is there are actually thousands of premade designs around, it doesn’t take much of you to come up with a new blog design, thing is – this woman cannot be comfortable without her own approval.


anne said...

I was doing the tweaking before pero ngaun tinatamad na hahaist.

Chubskulit Rose said...

buti ka pa ate marunong magtweak hehehe, ako alang skills lol lafang lang hahaah.
Sige at raramfa fa ako sa evah hehehe

Unknown said...

Hi there Vernz, It's been a while.
Love the new look!

Unknown said...

bitaw oi, kalimot diay ko, nice kaayo tong imong header sa pikas...kabalo na diay ka anang mag tweak-tweak diha...tudluoi ko be waaaaaa haha

Karen Chayne said...

oi ate unsa diay tweak kik kik.. tudlui pud ko ana te beh? hehehe

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

you'll get it done sis, sooner than later. :)

Kailangan mo talaga i follow up sis,ako din ganyan nangyari dati, mabuti at naisip ko i follow up and I reminded her yung email, kaya pala natagalan reply nya, nag upgrade sila ng system that time.Kaya ok lang mag follow up sa kanya.

Unknown said...

Hello! Thanks for the visit back. Take care and God Bless!!


Lulu Post said...

Momma vernz, inig human nimo tweak isunod unya to aho ha aron matakdan ka daghan opps hehehe

serious ni, i add gud ko sa ym aron tsikka ta naa ko secret aho ihunghong nimo lol

Lulu Post said...

ay ngee kalimtan... magandalass akong ym

Diane said...

I know how you feel. I'm like that sometimes. I did my background for 5 hours (doing vectors ain't easy for a newbie like me). The satisfaction that you get from your very own work, priceless.

Thank you for dropping by, check back again for new updates or feel free to subscribe to my blog so you won't miss a post. Have a lovely day!

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