Admittedly, I am one of those who have tried my luck to find partner online during the height of ‘chatroom’ culture back in the 90’s, but unfortunately it did not materialize since it lacked seriousness on my part and during that time I was also dating one offline.

Although mine was short-lived, I have friends who have successfully made it worked; in fact majority of them got married and settled in the US now with their ‘online boyfriends’.

I thought back then this online dating phenomenon would naturally die down since there were a lot of setbacks like the issue of ‘chemistry’, a question on whether both parties would go along fine in the real space, hesitations when it comes to physical appearance-since some just show half their body on the computer screen and later found out that the man or the woman is differently-abled and that would make things fall apart – things of these sort.

But through time, it did not turn out the way I thought it would, it even has flourished and has evolved remarkably with so much add-ons and features right now.

I would argue that this modern electronic dating system has survived because of the backing of the dynamism of technological advancement and the considerable eager marketplace. With its unprecedented growth it has, however you argue with me, overthrown the traditional method of finding partners; in fact, it has become more comprehensive and sophisticated.

Today, there are countless sites that offer dating services that promised one to find one lasting love. And if you subscribe to this idea, one should consider finding the best dating sites to ensure reliability and personal security.

With myriad dating sites flying in the internet today, it is recommended that you trim down your choices by comparing sites, and one of the indications that you’re registering in a quality system is their much consideration to privacy features that would ensure security to your personal information.

Important Note to remember: Compare dating sites before registering.

So, if you find it hard finding someone offline, don’t just try, do it online. Who knows you’ll find your love at first byte.

(Disclaimer: Cartoons not mine)


  1. momma vernz, lugar sa ato pa nadawat na ka sa payU tapos log in lang kuwang?

    Nag leave gud si margie last week tapos karon lang sya nibalik basin nagtambak iyang trabaho.

    ug dili gani mohatag ug log in i follow-up lang. diretso ug email sa iyaha ba.


  2. wow! nadawat ka na sa payU2 Vernz?? Bilib jud ko nimo dah!..ako undang nako submit kay di man kaha sila dawat ug hosted by blogger hehe.

    waaaaaaaaa mipalit na lang ko ug bag-ong monitor oi, pero surplus lang kay wa naman sad mugamit ani inig larga namo kay naa man laptop ang akong eldest...karon pa tawon ko kasugod ug blog hop kay gaapas ko kagabii sa mga ma-expire na opps..ang uban expired na jud...kasayang sa duha nga akong gi-reserved sa LL kay na expire..hehe better luck next time na lang pod hehe..

  3. Weeeeeee, mine was an accident nyahahahah.. But seriously I never expect it to be materialized either, nagkataon lang na nabighani si Juan sa kafangitan ko hahaha.

  4. And I am one of those lol. Visiting you here Vernz

  5. I tried online chats before...pero busy man ko sa college life...maong nag penpal nalang ko...ehehehe..tawon sa una once a month ang letter...ehehhehe..glad it works for both of us...:)


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