SUNDAY, the 13th

To some this date may sound so unlucky but this is actually my lucky day. 39 years ago on this day of this month, a woman of so many wishes and desires was born.

Today I affirm, I have my own life to pursue, my own kind of dream to be weaving. And I all have the power to make these wishes come true, as long as I keep believing.

Thanks for dropping by.

Pink Oleander


  1. all the best on your birthday, Vernz.
    i've never seen an oleander before, but i remember reading White Oleander and that it's poisonous.

  2. Gorgeous flower for a gorgeous celebrant, Happy happy birthday ate Vernz!

    About Clang ate, home and email add lang contact ko sa kanya, can reach her nga din eh

  3. Weww belated happy birthday mommy, kahit late at least I have greeted you hehe..ANyway very nice shot you got there..hope to see you in my blog.. ..

  4. Happy belated birthday, Vernz!

  5. waaaaaaaaa....wa ko imbitaha sa iya birthday, ang daya-daya hahaha...asa kaha ni day pod dah! hahaha.

    Belated Happy Birthday Vernz. hehehe

  6. Belated happy birthday, Vernz...
    Wish you all the best :)

    Lovely pink flower!

  7. aya, ka gwafa! labay ko dire ma'am!


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