I think this product wasn’t meant for plain-breasted like me. But just in case you’re gifted with a D cup hooters and you’re close to 60’s then this cleavage anti-wrinkle bra is for you.

It’s called La Decollette Anti-wrinkle bra. It’s designed to be used by women who have problems waking up in the morning with wrinkled cleavage skin. For those who are still younger and want a plump breast after waking-up in the morning, this product is also perfect.

The inventor said you have to use or moisturize your skin first before using and sleep with it on, and make the product securely fit otherwise you’ll fail to see the effect.

Just like any other product, 7 days is the maximum to get the ultimate result.

Must try, awww, I forgot got only cleavage on the butt.


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  1. bwahahahaha hindi ka nag-iisa Vernz, ako cleavage tua sa lubot pod nyahahahaha....agi ko oi..

  2. wahehehehe...naunsa ba lamang...klaro atong tits!


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