When the spirit is willing and the fingers are weak …

… to type, you definitely have blog backlogs.

Yes, ladies I'm into this physical | medical whatever condition where I easily get dizzy for reasons that I don’t know. I always set a schedule to see a doctor, but lately my kids were also attacked with bronchitis so I have to prioritize them.

Well, I’m definitely not pregnant for the reason that I will not forever be expecting at all, I terminally put an end to that thing just in case you ask. But not until I see a doctor I would just speculate why? Last night I threw up like crazy, gosh, I had a stinging throat, I swear.

Although I always say I blog without obligation, not if you drop comments on this blog, I’m a principled blogger you know and I always make sure I get back every time someone dropped some kind words here.

Just letting you know I’m still struggling in my woozy world out here, what can I say, than THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time dropping by.


  1. I have tons of back bloglogs madame, so tired to update,

  2. Take your time, ako nga sabi ni hubby mas mahal ko daw blogs ko kaysa kanya nyahahahah

  3. Hi..can relate to this.

    if u are getting dizzy, it's either you need ur eyes checked (for atigmatism) or you have what we call BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

    try this solution i found in youtube which I applied myself (and totally worked) - http://www.avissi.com/2010/11/dizziness-galore/


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