I never knew hair rebonding session could eat up to 5 hours until the other day. My husband was generous enough to share his midyear moolah and sent me to a salon, alone!

After the ‘jokla’ examined my frizzy locks he then say the figures that almost made me fell out of my chair. I might have gotten my mom’s genes on haggling, in the end we met an agreement on how much I’m going to shell out for a 5-hour ordeal. Lol.

Unlike relaxing, chemicals used in milk rebonding are weaker and it did not damage my scalp much. I love the result, it looks so unnaturally straight though, but I prefer it than always having a bad hair day.

I tried not to feel guilty in handing out my 2k at the counter; after all, I deserve a break, a salon break following all the cooking, the washing, the fetching, the cleaning, the etc.. etc… but thing with living frugal … you just can’t help it - feeling guilty after.


  1. I used to straight my hair way back in Davao.and when I had my vacation last year I tried the rebonding. I never knew it was so hurt to be undergo with the rebonding though i didnt get any wounded scalp.Good for you it took only 5 hours for me 8 hours...and I pay 5k i thought they make daya to me but anyway I like the result like you said it is like natural hair.

  2. Hahahahaha, you deserve it ate so don't feel guilty hehehe

  3. hehe... you deserve it... Usahay ra bitaw na...

  4. so sweet of your husband to send you on a me time! everyone deserves royal treatment once in awhile.. happy hair day!

  5. nyahaha! haguy pareho diay ta te nagparebond hehehe! oi pero mas brato ako te kay 1k ra with cellophane na heheee


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