A royal ingrown pain

I’m in agony the past few days, not that sort of being nailed on the cross thing, but imagine an excruciating feeling of having a baby elephant step on your ingrown-wreaked toe, its like going back to the time I had my labor pains minus the Epidural, so to get rid of the limping I had another digging session, er pedi session.

Just glad this little charming-toe-digging salon down the street where I live housed the toe pros in town, the culled thing was quiet big, no wonder why it gives me a royal pain in the as__.

But sadly, I’m actually trying all my might to get rid of this toenail fungus with topical cream, but I wonder why they love my toes, they keep coming back, haisst! I’ve been hiding them under a red coat all this time, but I guess they need to breathe so I bared them clean revealing the real thing.

Anyway, the pain is gone so might as well start my mama chores here, our Venetian Blinds needs some cleaning, need to pull them down, you know household cleaning in the Philippines, almost everything done manually, sigh!

Thanks ladies for dropping by.


  1. ayay, murag sakit man tan-awon pag naa ingrown te...duha pa jud nimo ka kuko..kasakit ba lamang.

  2. nyahahaha...kay nganong gi-anad ug kuot kuot ahaha...pareho mo ug kuko sa tiil sa ako mother dear Vernz...dagko ug ingrown...

    wa koy ingon ana kay wa man naanad ug kuot..hehe

  3. Naku sakit nyan ... i experienced that one eh ..

  4. aww. i hope gumaling na yan. :( got one last wk at dusa talaga :/ oh, Nice blog deary. Definitely going to follow you!:D
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    Kat :)


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