Who wouldn’t in this kinda situation? Wow, I was feeling like a cyborg nut lately, juggling between my keyboard and motherhood. While I gone crazy some guys around here gone stupid too making everything a muddle with everything crazy about life.

I’m no brainer today it all went down the drain, because men are indeed ..... ! lol.

There would really be a time when women just go ballistic on some petty things about life for no reasons at all, and you know what! This is my time! LOL..


  1. I think it's kinda true. That's the reality. I mean, men have to agree with it. :P

  2. They are from Venus and Mars. Hehe.

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  3. misamot ako ubo ug kinatawa Vernz...nyahahaha...ako kalintura ba kung mubalik if mag dugay ko sa comp...kapoy nako ug ubo..lago kaayo.

  4. Not only agree, I swear pa jud based sa experience


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