I beg your indulgence my dear men friends, but I really have high praises as always for women and that goes practically in all aspects of life, especially in terms of threshold for pain – like birthing, emotional pains, and social pains – literally translated to wearing high heels as one of the examples.

I wonder why women - even if they [we] knew the fact and experience it on a daily basis that wearing high heels poses real pain not only on [y]our tarsals, [y]our legs, the back or the spine area, we still opt to put one on and endure the pain.

[I know what you’ll gonna say next, just keep it to yourself will ya?]

Even with this looming health risk, very rare you can find women who doesn’t have at least a pair of stilettos in her wardrobe, in fact, it is regarded as an essential, ‘must have’ for every modern women. The sad part is that I myself knew the very system why women are ingeniously lured to get into this painful exercise, sometimes while I care about my core on the politics of this misogynistic act – unconsciously I’m also carried out looking and shopping for one, which whether women like it or not, it has been dictated by the style gurus that this inch and this style will be this season’s must have, how clever!

Anyway, I admit I got defeated and has hoard several pairs of stilettos lately too, I’ve anticipated some painful moments of these ‘lovelies’ that I’ve prepared for an antidote – I mean I use medically-recommended support hosiery, these stockings are made especially to avert leg swelling, ankle swelling, prevent if not eliminate varicose veins and all other medical conditions brought about by wearing high heels.

Some say wearing stockings is not sexy, especially if the toe part is covered like those ladies walking around your favorite department store. But guess what – there are actually support stockings that are designed to be worn on open-toe sandals. I think women just also have to be clever and employ all possible means to lessen pain.

On the other hand it’s a known fact that one-third of all women in the world experience horrible consequences of wearing high heels, and this number is continually increasing.

No matter how women struggle to get out of this system, seems like she’s stuck even more, and the worst if not the best she can do is to use these medically-recommended supports as arsenals to combat 'social tarsal pains'- if that’s the word otherwise she will be left out and be given negative sanction… Believe me one could hear … Oh, you look lousy in your corporate or evening attire in doll shoes, you could have paired your pretty dress or you would look smarter with a 6-inch Choo or a Manolo. How's that?


  1. this sexy...I love the color...kaso d bagay sa akong tiil kay musamot ug ka itom...nakit man sad atong tikong ani...ehehe!

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  3. all women like to look good and Tall red heels are always a favorite


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