For some good reasons I really felt the need  to update this blog, that’s despite the fact that I’m itchy all over, I mean If only I have a camera now you could see my hide in little red polka dots and mind you, they’re all over my body and it’s so itchy.

All I can remember was I ate fried egg for breakfast the other morning that when I woke up yesterday, gosh, I can’t believe I looked like a flower horn fed on red syn for months.

It’s Sunday on this side of the world today so most of the clinics are closed only the hospital ER’s are open, I was thinking I was the only patient since it’s a good weather day, but when I get inside – Jesus Christ! It’s like doomsday in there, if it not for that dang prescription I really could have evaporated as soon as I enter.

After extracting a syringe of blood for lab test, thank goodness it all normal … final verdict! Allergy! Was prescribed Iterax by the attending doctor there, he said it’s good for alleviating itchiness and redness, but I have to wait till later tonight after my kids had done all their school task or I’ll sleep over them studying, doki said it’s a sedative too.

Anyway, I’m still not feeling good yet … It’s itchy, scratchy all over …thanks ladies for dropping by :)


  1. Oh no, your body might be changing ate, baka alergic ka na sa itlog hehehe.. Get well.

  2. ohh..i hate allergies, the itch and hives and my face wld swell:))

  3. Hello. New visitor here from Cebu. Buti pa sayo, itches lang sakin ibang allergy manifestations eh.

  4. yay, if allergy ka na sa itlog, basig sa manok pod.. dagko ba ang pantal Vernz, aky basig dupang ba pares sa ako mama, dupangonon..nya katol man daw, mura pod sya ug allergy, naa may gamot ako mama ana. maligo diay pod ako mama nga naay kalamansi ang huling banlaw kay makawala daw ug kati.. try lang daw Vernz, kay basig mo effect pod sa imo.


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