You probably have read the papers today, ‘GMA now under arrest’ and that’s accompanied by a photo of her in halo vest behind bars and you probably had followed this political circus that loomed this country these past few months involving the former first family and these despicable politicians on either sides throwing mud at each other – situations like this made me, really, discomfited as a Filipino – how disgusting.

I don’t know but after all the disgusts I felt towards GMA from the time she said sorry on national television at the height of that historic ‘Hello Garci’ scandal down to the unfolding of her unforgivable foolishness while in office – I felt sorry, deeply sorry for her seeing the once most powerful woman in this country has finally fallen, ill, jailed and probably anguished over the thought that after reigning supreme this is now she has become.

I wonder why this country always had to go through to this kind of situation every time – ‘lagi nalang’ nakakasawa – we always cry for change, but we never learn – I wonder where did this country went wrong? Is it the leaders? – all playing ‘know it all’, Is it the 90 million people that politicians refused to give ample education so they can manipulate them easiest? or The Church? with probably same purpose for them to stay in power? This is the discourse that I long been seeking the answer.

But for now, what is clear is that … Gloria, merici na na! Ang gaba di jud magsaba!


  1. Is this for real ate? Di na ako nakakapanood ng news eh..

  2. what a's just right for her to pay all the wrongdoings he has done to our county


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