Obviously, that would be me, though I often say… ‘never mind, love handles come with age’ but I can’t help it, I also worry about how to trim my flabs off especially that it’s party season, like these months, and they look so, not so nice if you’re on an evening gown. 

But, if you’re into same hitch as mine, here’s some trick you can try on your gown to cheat on your bulging tummy;

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Firstly, I love purple, it's a color of royalty, so rich and so elegant. This style can be worn by women of my age, something around mid thirties, it's not too revealing, neither too concealed, the ruffles on the waist area creates an illusion to hide bulges, perfect camouflage.

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If you want some accents, rock embelishments maybe, this style is also great, I love the sleeve area, it covers a portion of your arm joint, especially if those were a little bloated and you want to hide those arm imperfections. The shirring on the tummy area is also a perfect way to hide bulges.
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This style is the ultimate solution to extra big ones, this will absolutely cover all, without the worry of your size and your age, just gorgeous!

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