Yeah, I almost had myself buried alive today, in credit, yes! Had it not for my ic connection that failed, I could have entered my card number and had all these carted today.

I just had this observation that since online shopping has gotten its hype, I'm even more aggressive and have that outrageous appetite to shop online - blame it maybe to convenience, probably besides I hate it when the sales lady on physical stores keep following my butt, lol. Had these pick today, I feel more like dressing my age with these designs, someone in thirty and something may look awesome on these ...

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania design (left) Grey Flannel Ultimate Workdress (right)
I felt they're intelligent investment, one for coctails and for your workplace, stress-free, easy slip-on dresses.

Diane Von Furstenberg Keesa dress (left) Silk Feather Dress (right)
The Keesa dress is perfect when matched with black or red pumps – a head turner, the feather dress is perfect for a night with romantic aura or something, whether I have a date or even no one, its just good to dress and feel something great of yourself. Love it.


  1. I love the pink one...ehhehe...korek jud ka te...dre nuon d uso ang magsunod sunod nga sales lady...:)

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