Hi there peeps, I felt like floating still in the middle of nowhere after the guys here at the compound had fed our ears with lines and lines of ‘Holy Week’ litany, if you’ve lived with die-hard old Catholic faithfuls then you definitely have that clearest idea what I’m talking about.

I wonder why these folks were supposed to offer themselves as living sacrifices, ah, they actually have had done that, they've gone to the ‘way of the cross’ so early in the morning and by the time they’re home they’re all hungry and devoured a kettle, a big kettle of ‘binignit’ they made 3 hours before they left for the first station.

I didn’t command my troop to do movements out of respect to the folks here who would die for their faith if necessary … probably I got punished for the sins I didn't know they were – I’ve went back and forth to the comfort room, my tummy went in trouble after getting through several bowls of ‘binignit’.. my cousin said ‘da merici’… hahaha… Anyway, I might be a hybrid believer and call myself a neo-animist, [don’t bother asking how it’s being practiced – it’s just simply praying and believing that my fingers have powers.. and I have faith on them … hahaha… oh, that would be a 34hr lecture if we’ll take that seriously here] but for the sake of peace and harmony, I celebrated with a the sea of the faithfuls – greeting Happy Easter in all directions – so dear everyone …

Easter Graphics

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