When it comes to bra types it can be difficult to find the right one for you; all women are looking for something different from their bras. Some are looking for support, others’ main focus is upon comfort whereas others still are looking for a boost from their bra and others still are looking for minimisation from a bra. With bras meaning so many different things to so many women, how can just one bra be right for everyone? 

Thankfully this is not the answer; there are of course many different types of bras out there to fit a woman’s needs and many different outfits. In order to find the right one it is important to try out a number of types of bra. No matter what style of bra you are after or what type of bra you need, one of the most important aspects of a bra for women is comfort.

Plunge Panache Superbra

You may find a bra which is the perfect t-shirt or strapless bra but if it digs in it is no good. One of the most popular brands amongst women is the range from Panache. This range of bras offers women the choice of styles they want with the comfortable fitting they require. For those who are looking for a minimising bra the Panache Superbra, the Daisy bra is perfect for those with larger chests. Not only does this three piece cup offer a comfortable and supportive fit it gives a nice shape in a modern design. This is definitely the bra for those who want to minimise and flatten the appearance of their chest while having a feminine feel. On the other end of the scale is the Zara bra from Panache for those who want to add a bit of cleavage. This plunge bra has the same comfortable fit we would expect from Panache and offers a new crossover front option to give the appearance of a smooth and lower coverage look. 

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