I was at Booksale this afternoon, say it’s one of my favorite hangouts in town, if you can’t find me at home typing, find me here dusting classics, hehehe. Call it my 18th thing better than sex – finding an awesome book sold half of its original price. I unearth this book 1,000 Ways To be A Slightly Better Woman, it’s written by Pamela Satran, I hope it’s just fine with her sharing her work here, I find this an awesome read and worthy of space here. 

So there are 17 things Pamela mentioned better than sex; And me too ... said;

1. The anticipation of sex with someone you’re crazy about. --- Hahaha, my husband would kill me … let’s just skip this, lol.
2. Slipping under warm covers on a cold night. --- yeah, a comfort feel anyone can long for on a cold night, minus sex.
3. Saying ‘I Love You’ for the first time. --- Seriously, I hadn’t said these words to a man yet, but often to my children… lol. But when my husband said this to me the first time 15 years ago – I gave in, hahaha! 
4. The first chocolate chip cookie at the end of a long, successful diet. --- can’t relate yet, I have not been on a serious food diet yet, I plan to just run to lose weight at the newly paved oval at my kids’ school. 
5. Those golden moments when you feel smart and beautiful. --- Every woman had those moments. 
6. Rediscovering your first love. --- On the contrary, I was too disappointed, he married a woman he’s not supposed to, oh, yeah, and what position do I have to say he’s not supposed to marry that dang bitch! Lol.
7. Realizing you’re totally over the guy who did you wrong. --- Sadly, I’m no woman with this history :( 
8. Finding the perfect dress, in your size, marked half off! --- OMG! Awesome! 
9. Skydiving – and landing in one piece. Gaaahh! I think I just have to fake it! I’m scared…Lol. 
10. Doing the thing that terrifies you – giving the speech, meeting his parents – and feeling yourself move beyond your fear.
11. Taking the pregnancy test, and getting the result you hoped for. --- thank God! Whatever that means. 12. Going to Paris for the first time. --- I didn’t know getting a picture with the Eiffel tower on the background can be better than sex… hahaha! 
13. The kind of massage that makes you so relaxed … you drool --- hahaha! So True!
14. Making up after a big fight.
15. Feeling the baby finally nod off in your arms.
16. Unwrapping the present and finding it’s the thing you didn’t even dare to want.
17. Wanting what you already have.


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  2. i agree that chocolate is better -- the other ones about half in half


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