It is really a proud moment, when anybody says that, wow the smell of his her perfume is just mesmerizing. I love to hear these praise and I am you would. But did you know to get this praise a lot of effort is needed. To make a fragrance or smell a signature, you need to be regular with the same brand of Giorgio perfume or any the same you like. 

Opting the other perfume may make you disillusioned because when you try out new perfume it is sure to smell different. However, giving a try for good is always appreciated. If you want the same fragrance you need to use it. 

Now if you have decided to buy the right perfume for you, visit the market but make sure don’t go after taking spicy food. Spicy food hampers the ability to smell. It is also suggested the perfume shopping should be done in the morning. However perfume online shopping can be done anytime. When it comes on testing of perfume try it on your skin not on your clothes, perfume on clothes fades away quickly. And most importantly never make decision in hurry after all, you are about to make a signature. Perfume takes time to react with the skin, so take time to decide the right signature for you. 

Why Should you opt for Signature Perfume

Variety brings in the spice of life. Sometimes new perfume may smell you pleasant, you can try that too. The rule of perfume wearing goes like this…

Morning: Mild Perfume
Evening: Stronger Perfume
Night: Softer and Milder perfume

Men and women are both particular about perfume but women are comparatively more attuned to it. They are able to select the right perfume whereas male struggle with the same. Men buying habit are largely decided advertisements and recommendations from relatives and friends. My article would help you to decide the signature perfume for you…

Guys tend to relate with a specific body smell. Signature perfume means it becomes synonymous to your presence. This means you need to wear the perfume all through the day. Decide on the cost, your budget and finally the brand as per the costing. You will need to buy multiple bottles as the same smell should come out always out of your body. Here, you need to decide about the price too since you would be wearing one kind of perfume for a long time. You can also try out different perfume and use your creativity to make a new fragrance. Once the fragrance is created and you have started liking it, note down the configuration and apply the same every time.

You can try perfume online shopping to get the right signature perfume. There are different flavor of perfume available in market, choose the one which suits you the best.
  • Citrus Fragrance: The fresh scents depicting easy, light and relaxed persona.
  • Oriental Fragrance: The exclusive fragrances associated with your passion. These are little heavier and perfect for nights
  • Woody Fragrance: Known for popular smell of sandalwood. These perfumes are metro sexual
  • Floral Fragrances: The feminine fragrance perfect for girls. You can gift your girlfriend these perfumes.
Hope the information would help you decide your own signature. Come let’s make our own fragrance.


  1. I am picky with perfume and I use it seldom even though. I hope to like this perfume you're talking about Maam Vernz. Yes, it's great to hear about "mesmerizing". :)

  2. I don't usually use strong perfumes, I go for colognes and the milder ones. Plus, I don't buy them, I am usually given perfumes and colognes. was here mommy Verna!

  3. i love perfume and who wouldn't anyway? hehhehe but i prefer to have those soft and milder perfume. I used to have fruity scents but most of them are strong and it gives me headaches. I guess as we aged our sense of smell is changing as well heheheh

  4. i loved using Jovan musk before. but nope, i didn't buy it. si big sister ang supplier kaya maka-libre. it was my signature smell i must say. now i prefer milder scents. i am actually using just baby colognes, and since people here don't use them, i would always get complimented with my smell. :D

  5. I only use Victoria's Secret and Dolce & Gabbana perfumes ever since my college days. I found my signature scents and I'm happy with them...

  6. By the way Madam Verna, I did not get a comment from you from the Comex the other day...

    1. thanks for the heads up, I remember I really commented on that pancake post, I'm not sure if it went through your spam, but I commented again to be sure.

  7. I do not wear perfume Momi Vernz coz I am allergic :-) My husband has a perfume and it makes me vomit :-( the perfume smells good but just cannot take the smell :-(

  8. I like Floral scent, it is mild and I have lots of allergies so a strong perfume for me I guess is a no, or else I will end up sneezing the whole time.

  9. I'm contented with my avon perfume...wahehhee...courtesy from mader...far away lang sako kay dko ka afford ug name brands.

    agoy, malingaw ko sa captcha...pag 4th times nani nako...good luck to me...wahhehee!

  10. actually as far as i like the perfume then i buy and use it.i dont like the strong smell i prefer a mild scent dli klakaw pag wla perfume. :)

  11. I am not into perfume since some of it have strong smell and I cannot take that. I only use cologne the smell is mild. I have a perfume I bought it 2004 till now the perfume still there hehhee.

  12. sticking to one favorite perfume is simply making a signature perfume but sometimes, it is irresistible to try new scents though esp. when there are great-smelling perfumes that are just launched in the market..

  13. i like Signature perfumes but they are expensive so I only have one by Jessica McClintock. i love the scent as i smell like a flower whole day :D


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