These are column dresses, few of the classic designs I love the most, they’re dresses that can tell-all a woman’s body contour, while I adore this cut the most, it’s just unfortunate they’re not loving me back, lelz. It’s because I’ll be defeating the garb design when slipped unto bodice with so much adipose tissues pleated on it. 

Oh, well, the lure is really so intense that here I rummaged the whole of blogolandia to find alternatives to still flaunt, notwithstanding, bulges in the tummy. So here, they’re still same column dresses, yet they’re pattered to create optical illusion to stray your vision. They’re awesomely striped to camouflage a bulging tummy. So there, forget about the boring LBD, try this disguise, you can get this dress at my favorite online store, Happy Shopping!


  1. how i wish to wear those dresses too mommy..pero i dont think babagay din sa akin..hahaha
    i miss blogwalking here...finally im here...musta?

  2. I love the black and white one ate. Howdy, it's been a a loooooonnnngggg time lol.

  3. i have to check out on this one. i just bought one just like the design of number 1 but in black and gray stripes waaa i want to hide my big tummy hehehe musta na mommy vernz :D


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