ENTWINED WITH YOU: Sylvia Day's third of the Crossfire Series

Finally done reading and what can I say? I'm waiting Sylvia for the fourth book, lelz.

I consume practically all sort of reading materials, from 'balot ng tuyo', textbooks, researches, journals, novels of various genre, even Tagalog pocketbooks kung wala na talaga akong mabasa, basta pwedeng mabasa ... lately, I got my brain fried after tasked to do a technical paper on agriculture. I was so dang stressed digging into Scientific names of plants, fungi, antedotes, fertilizers and so much more than a woman's brain could take, so I thought I needed a brain break and headed to National Bookstore, yeah, might be weird a style of relieving stress but it works perfectly well for me. 

I've read reviews of this series at Amazon long before these were released in the Phils. and when I saw Bared to You on the 'latest release' stand I immediately carted it home. I skipped the second book Reflected in you and got contented reading on the spoilers, lol, mahal kaya. But can't miss the third installment so here sharing. 

More than the high definition contact depiction is Sylvia Day's smooth and expressive style of storytelling that got me hooked on this series, not to mention the perfectly flawed characters, Gideon and Eva Cross. I wonder what's Megumi's role in Nathan's death here, I can't wait to have their issues resolve. 

God of the press, let the fourth series out 'Captivated by You', can't wait. 

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