I remember when I was a kid, soccer was rarely heard of. Now, though, it seems like there is a soccer game every day if it's warm enough to play outside. It seems baseball has been replaced by soccer as the favorite sport for kids. There are many reasons why playing soccer instead of baseball could actually be a good thing for kids.


Soccer is a More Active Sport than Baseball

Playing soccer keeps kids active most of the time, instead of standing in one area waiting for the ball to come their way, as is the case with baseball. Baseball might give kids a chance to run a bit if they hit the ball, or if the ball gets hit their way. The way baseball is set up, the ones who are the most in shape tend to get the most exercise. That isn't true with soccer, though. 

Every player on the team is expected to try to not only get the ball away from the opposing team's players, but to also try to get it into the opposing team's goal. That means everyone is active on the team – there are no inactive players standing around.

Soccer Costs Less to Play than Baseball

Playing baseball requires, even for practice, that players have at least one bat per team, two or more gloves or mitts, and at least one ball. The catcher should also have a protective face mask or cage. With soccer, all that players need is a ball. 

Many of the places that kids can play soccer are equipped with soccer goals and nets, but these can even be easily made or improvised with spray paint if they are absent. Both sports need shoes with cleats, and teams need uniforms. The equipment just for practicing is a lot cheaper for soccer than it is for baseball.

Soccer Might be Slightly Safer than Baseball

While the chances of rough contact and impacts between players, and also the ground, still exist in soccer, and probably more so, than they do in baseball, the risks of getting hit by a bat or a hard ball is nonexistent. 

Soccer balls might hurt when they hit someone, but the force is spread over a greater surface area and this decreases the impact overall. The physical benefits from the exercise gained outweighs the possibility of injury in many parents' minds.

Finding Uniforms and Shoes with Cleats

Getting   a  team  together,   or   when   your   son  or  daughter joins an existing team, they're going to need at least one uniform, and at least one pair of good shoes with cleats.

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