What your children can get out of swimming?

My husband here batting in … sunburn, oh, yeah kids sure would get a tan if they do it outdoors under the heat of the sun, if your kids will dare this be sure to have them the mildest sun block for sun protection. But more than the fun of splashing in the water comes in numerous benefits of swimming that will greatly help your children along the course of enjoyment. Here are few of my personal observations;


Learning how to swim is a perfect example of ‘learning should be fun.’ This idea fosters positive self-image and develops confidence in children. As an added fun some teachers and parents in fact, bring with them water toys to motivate kids.

Physical Strength. 

While children enjoy the kicking and the splashing in the water least they knew it, they’re already in the track to developing their muscle, their stamina, their endurance and their over-all physical strength, which is a very important life factor as they grow older.

Bonding with parents. 

This is a good time for parents to bond with your toddlers and babies because as per my experience parents are allowed to join the kids in the pool. For children 4 years and above parents can only accompany them for support, often parents of this age range are not allowed to flounder in the pool with them anymore, that is why it is most advised, though not really required that children should start learning how to swim as early as 1 year old.


Meeting new friends at the pool is one of the social benefits of swimming, it widens the circle of friends of your children, and this goes for parents as well, here you will have a chance to meet the parents of your kids’ friends, which is for me a very comforting setting.


Most parents look at this as the key benefit  why they allow their children to learn how to swim, the rest comes in secondary.

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