The Wings World Tour is available at all TGIFridays’ branches nationwide until May 2016. An order worth  Php 595 per pound is good for 3 persons to share.

If you’re on a look out right now for a good place with something new food preps to try, TGIFridays in Abreeza here in Davao offers new twists to our once thrown-out chicken wings.

TGIFridays will take you to a food crawl around the world with chicken wings prep in five lip smacking versions inspired by five nations known for their culinary complexities and flavour sophistication.

Ladies, come join me for a gastronomic tour. First stop is Italy. Known for its prized culinary ingredient - Parmesan Cheese, this Italian-inspired antipasto, Garlic Parmesan Wings is carefully tossed in creamy parmesan that oozes intense, tangy, sharp yet flavorfully tame flavour. It's a perfect starter for anyone who resist hot zings before a good meal. Each serving is garnished off with fresh thyme and a delightful cool ranch dressing. So good!

Garlic Parmesan Wings (PHP 595.00)

And for our second stop, Thailand. Inspired by this nation's culinary symphony that’s sweet and spicy, fresh and fragrant, sour and pungent, TGIFridays came up with its own sweet and spicy version named oh so deliciously as Honey Sriracha Wings. The homemade bleu cheese dressing and the pickled jalapeno that comes with each serving made each of this platter a lip-smacking delight. You can never go wrong with this!

Honey Sriracha Wings (PHP 595.00)

I love TGIFridays Jack Daniels’ Platter to the bones. And tell yo what? The chicken wings version is even more a finger-licking delight. Each cut is fried to golden perfection. Tossed in TGIF’s signature Jack Daniels’glaze and dusted with hot pepper powder, topped with fresh corn salsa comes so delicious with each serving. You shouldn't miss Spicy Jack Daniels’ Wings for the world. A little feel of USA in your platter would surely be a delight. Perfect paired with beer, promise!

Spicy Jack Daniels Wings (PHP 595.00)

Our next stop, China. Inspired from one of China’s classic dishes comes the lip-smacking, Kung Pao Wings. Traditionally stir fried with Szechuan peppers and peanuts, Fridays’ version is tossed in with the resto's own chili blend. Each delightful serving is finished off with chopped fresh cilantro and toasted nuts. I have low chili tolerance, but this dish just made me realized I’ll be missing so much if I won’t dig in and indulge. Kung Pao Wings is my personal favorite. 

Kung Pao Wings (PHP 595)

Thought this is one of the most popular versions, the Texas BBQ Wings. An American comfort food that comes in crispy, juicy and spicy. Each cut is covered in smoky BBQ sauce and Texan spice served with cool ranch dressing and apple lime slaw. Get yours hot and spicy!

Texas BBQ Wings (PHP 595.00)

Go on a delicious Wings World Tour today at TGIFridays Davao, it's a cozy place to bring in friends and family!

Ground Level, Abreeza Ayala Mall
JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

To know more about TGIFriday’s, check out their website at www.fridays.com.ph, their official Facebook page: TGI Fridays Philippines; Twitter/Instagram:  @tgifridaysph.


  1. You are making me so hungry Ate Verns!

    1. you have lots of spicy wings in America too :) lelz, when you're home come to Davao. thanks Rose for dropping by :)


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