Female gamers spend more money on casual games than male gamers. Developers need to realize this for a lot of reasons. For one thing, video game companies, developers, and online casino owners still seem to assume that their audience members are all going to be male. They often seem to believe this without even looking at the evidence or even considering the possibility that they're going to have a partly female audience. The female market is still treated as a niche market by every outlet from Hollywood movies to video game companies, in spite of the fact that fifty percent of the population is female and the fact that women love movies and video games as much as men.

Women and gaming night out

The Royal Vegas Online Casino does use images of conventionally attractive women on its website, seemingly in order to entice a male viewer. Since female gamers spend more money on casual games than male gamers, they should be working even harder to entice the prototypical female viewer. It should be noted that the imagery of attractive women on the Royal Vegas Online Casino website or the https://ca.royalvegascasino.com/slots/ subset of the website are fairly mild compared to what a lot of people are going to find in this niche and in similar niches. However, all websites in this niche should be careful to avoid assuming that only men are going to be visiting the website in order to play games, since it seems as if it is actually more profitable to target women in the first place. 

Surveys about male gamers have indicated that a lot of them do not actually want to see objectified women used to sell games or websites, so a good portion of the more egregious examples of attractive women used to sell games might not actually be reaching anyone properly. Images of attractive women themselves are fine, but the women should not look like they are being offered to the potential viewer.

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Some of the slots that people are going to find on the https://ca.royalvegascasino.com/slots/ website are going to contain their own somewhat problematic imagery of women. Casino movies and the subculture has had a problem with objectifying imagery for a long time. It seems as if some websites like the Royal Vegas Online Casino are more or less following in the same basic tradition. However, there is no reason for this to be the case now that the culture has shifted. 

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