VICTOR SECUYA's ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ Kadayawan Exhibit and Indulgent Buffet at Waterfront Insular Hotel

Art breathes life, embrace it. – Victor Secuya
ART Insights, 60 essays on art and life 
by Victor Secuya and Celia Castillo

Art breathes life, embrace it. – Victor Secuya

I was privileged to be at the 10-piece series preview exhibition of one of the prolific abstract artists of the country, Victor Secuya on Thursday.

The exhibit was launched in time for Kadayawan. The vibrant, spirited and stimulating pieces also signal a festive vibe at Waterfront Insular Hotel. Dubbed as ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’, the art series is the artist’s tribute to his father. The subjective forms conveyed on the pieces represent the elements of the farm culled from his recollection of his tender years when he was introduced by his father to the fundamentals of nature.

‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ by Victor Secuya
 Victor Secuya with his artworks from ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ series

 Victor Secuya ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ series
 Victor Secuya's ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ series.
I have always loved Victor Secuya's works (though, I can't afford one 😂😂)
He wields colors that are lively and stimulating. 
Pieces that are of fluid abstration and undemanding on the emotions.
One day, I'll get to hang one of those masterpieces. A woman can wish ya know.

“Conjuring them out of my mind is an adventure. It’s surreal. I can draw them endlessly in an automatic fashion. They just flow like a river flows. When they appear on paper or canvas, they always surprise me. It’s very much like giving birth – you will never know the features of the baby until he gets out of the womb. The invisible becomes visible.” Said Victor Secuya. 

‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ is the artist’s 25th exhibition. The same masterpieces will be shipped to Saint-Jose-ten-Noode in Brussels, Belgium for another solo exhibition this September 2018. 

Victor Secuya at the opening of his Kadayawan exhibition, 
‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ at Waterfront Insular Hotel.

Bryan Yves S. Lasala,  Hotel Manager, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Bryan Yves S. Lasala,  Hotel Manager, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

VICTOR SECUYA Kadayawan Exhibit at Waterfront Insular Hotel
Councilor Jay Quitain, Bryan Lasala, Fernando Subido, Raymund del Val, 
Willie Torres and the artist himself, Victor Secuya did the ceremonial cutting 
of the ribbon at the art preview

The ‘Memories of my Father’s Farm’ exhibit will be at the hotel lobby until August 20, 2018. 

On the same event, his book, ART Insights, 60 essays on art and life by Victor Secuya and Celia Castillo was also launched. It’s a 138-page paperback with 60 short stories of the artist’s life and everydayness. The artist and author’s friend also took turns to read their favorite pieces on the book during the launch.

ART Insights, 60 essays on art and life   by Victor Secuya and Celia Castillo
ART Insights, 60 essays on art and life 
by Victor Secuya and Celia Castillo

On Art Competition, page 75. Art competition  are vexations to a passionate artist. 
It wreaks the creative spirit and the human spirit itself. It kills the soul. Stop it!

Food and art spans across all cultures and have a long history together. On this note;

Cafe Uno at Waterfront Insular Davao also join the Kadayawan celebration by offering its signature Mindanaoan cuisines and other Filipino favorites to its diners. Shirmp Piaparan, Sayur Puso ng Saging, Chicken Pianggang, Talakitok Pialam, Kalderetang Kambing, Grilled Poqui-Poqui Torta, Seafood Ngohiong, Sailor’s Delight, Pomelo Salad with Inihaw na Manok are few of the mouth-watering choices available on the spread. 

Indigenous centerpieces at Cafe Uno
Indigenous centerpieces at Cafe Uno's buffet spread add up to the 
Kadayawan feel of the resto.

Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez of Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez of Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao 
with his 'Bermuda Triangle' centerpiece. Each stainless frond is made up 
of 70+ dinner knives welded to form the palm leaves. Such creativity!

So much food choices on the buffet spread waiting for you this Kadayawan, but sharing here two of my favorites;

Adobong Chicken sa Gata.
Adobong Chicken sa Gata. 
Life is all about going extra! And by extra, I mean going for extra rice on this one.
This is one dish everyone in town shouldn't miss for the world. 
It's official, Cafe Uno has the best Adobo in Davao!

Tinola Chicken Rice
Tinola Chicken Rice will change the way you feel, see and taste 
about our life's staple. This dish is a meal in itself, filling and flavorful.

Have a taste of Davao's bounty this Kadayawan at Cafe Uno!

For Reservations and Inquiries; 

Lanang, Davao City Philippines 
Call: (082) 233 2881 to 83 local 8700

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