I was reading this booklet ‘Best of a Lady’ compiled by J Maurus, when these phrases caught me, I’m no religious person though, do not misinterpret me for that, I have sacred philosophies, I find it very uplifting how the supernatural have brought into this planet this species they call woman, Who is she? Well then this is an alternative characterization of women away from the feminist-hated creation story of how women came to be.

According to the legend that one day the supernatural took away from the sun its most brilliant ray, from the sea its most splendid pearl, from the angels the purest essence of their beautiful ideal, and the from the flowers the sweetest perfume of their fragrance. The supernatural combined all these things into a sublime mixture to which the supernatural imparted human features and a soul, and called it Woman.

Of all the creatures in the world she is made by the supernatural the most beautiful. She is the reincarnation and summation of the all the flowers of nature.

She is an image, a spark of divinity given to us in life as a preview of things to come.

I have been questioning myself so many times, why I became a woman, but then reading such so beautiful inspiring lines made me think once more, thank goodness I was a woman doomed to take care of the future generation, cook for them, do the laundry for them, clean the house for them, drive for them and on top of everything live a life not on my own but what this society desires for a woman to be……

(On photo is Aphrodite, a classical image of beauty in the Western Art, photo credits: www.wikipedia.org)

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