A stay-at-home all-around mom by day, a teacher by night, having three children with an eternally shirtless toddler throwing everything on the floor. You can just imagine how life is…… Given all these circumstance what can be more fitting than to manage your time efficiently.

Here’s some strategies I’ve tried to manage my scanty time;

1. You have to set goals to help determine what most important things at hand are.
2. Make a to-do list always …
3. Decide which of the tasks you need to do are most important.
4. Concentrate on only one thing at a time, my friend was wrong in telling me this, wheewww! A SAHM can actually do many things at a time, but I hate myself for having such a multi-tasking skill it kills me at the end of the day.
5. Learn how to say “No!” to requests whenever possible. I’m quite an expert on this.
6. Delegate all possible tasks to others. Warning, don’t so this if you have preconceive idea on how things should turn out to be because the moment it won’t meet your standard you have to redo it and add much stress…. A strategy I have to hone.
7. Learn to relax, for a SAHM, this is I guess a most coveted word.
8. Promise yourself a nice reward when you finish a big project and give it, indulge … in this case I claimed mine just before I accomplish the task …. LOL!

Thanks for reading, see you again.

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