This is a long overdue post for my mom. This is supposed to be a Mother’s Day post, but I know I will be forgiven, sorry Ma. It’s been two years since I have not seen her, well, physically, but I often see her on my web cam, the techy, groovy grandma is always just a click and an enter away.

She’s an OFW as we Filipinos call all those who work overseas for their family, but honestly, I don’t really get it why she has to go and work when she does not have a mouth to feed anymore back here other than herself. But I always respect what she decides, anyway, that would be another adjective-laden essay. To my mom, Happy Mom’s Day.

What is important is that we had our communication lines open; my children from time to time call her and often send her postcards online. I’m so glad there are photo postcards now available online and sending e-cards is just a breeze.

Although the traditional writing and drawing are still in, the electronic version is always a favored option since it is fast to send and visually pleasing. So why not try ordering photo postcards online and send one now.


*josie* said...

hi Vernz new site pa lang ba this one?

Vernz said...

Hi Jo, medyo mga tatlong buwan pa lang ahihii....salamat sa pasyal .

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