As a stay-at-home mom, I am engaged into various household chores everyday, from cooking to fetching my children at school to washing every soiled clothes they left after for school and at the end of the day you would also want to treat your stressed self to some relaxing moments.

As a woman I always find it perfectly well to choose products that are super anti-oxidant and more so anti-aging. I love using products that has glutathione in it, other than its whitening component, it is also believed to help build a healthy liver. But more so, I’m glad that there are companies like OXIS International that are engaged into research to develop products that has all these properties that counters oxidative stress and are developing products that are based on ‘natural powerful substances’ which means all of the ingredients that will be used are all natural, which is a must factor for a healthy beauty treat. I encourage you to visit Oxis on facebook and let yourself get informed of the new trends on penny stocks & free radical products that would somehow have an impact on the lives of women.

Here’s a video that can help you know more about their company and the great products that they are offering.


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