In most cases we often associate well-dressed women with a well-to-do women, but I’ve long have known it that being a well-dressed woman does not depend on how much money one can spend on clothes, but on how one can present justice on the clothes one is wearing. As a matter of fact some well-dressed women are those who spend less on their wardrobe. Well, except for those who can afford designer clothes. But if you are just a plain, simple SAHM that makes frugality your way of life, then read on….

So, I’m saying being well dressed is not a matter of money but a matter of and depends upon;

If you follow the rules of personal hygiene, do I need to elaborate more on this? You know simple things like shaving your hairs under.

Your choices of your basic wardrobe, the thing about mix and match;

Buying few good clothes instead of a lot of cheap ones’ these lines are often the ones I heard from fashion expert… but I hate it when I see myself in same clothes in photos of different events. So I’d rather buy cheap ones than seeing myself in uniform.

Selecting clothes that are over-adorned and lots of bling-blings … other than it’s quite a sore washing them; unless hosting ‘The Buzz’ is your thing then it would be a plus. But please don’t let others commit sin.

And the last thing which I have lived through as a matter of clothing principle … Steer away from fashion fads … I always buy the classic but chic, that thing that never goes out of style … little black dress … white blouses …. Clothes that by no means gulp down your budget without having anything that lasts long.

Finally, being well-dressed necessitates wise shopping, thus it pays to sometimes go window shopping for scouting. But above all, being the best dressed you, boost self-confidence and assurance, knowing that you exude this in effect gains you poise and dignity.

Eloise Curry said … Today's well-dressed woman thinks in terms of the total picture she creates. This includes her makeup, clothing, and the way she carries herself. To fully express who she is, the colors, designs, fabrics, and details involved must all balance with her coloring, her body size and shape, and her facial features. These factors must also balance with who she is internally, which is reflected in the way she moves and walks. This non-verbal message, which comprises 55 percent of what she says to others about herself, is essential to her style.


  1. I only shop if I really like the cloth, also must check on the price tag.

  2. Hi She, you are perfectly right... thanks for the drop...

  3. I agree, it's not about the brand you wear, it's how you carry yourself.

    I too, don't like to see myself wearing the same clothes in different photos for diff. events, that's why after using the clothes, once or twice, I sell them on Ebay. hehehe I think I'm frugal in that way. The bad thing is, my nine-year-old daughter got the same attitude when it comes to clothes. She doesn't like to wear the same clothes to another photo opp.

    Good day Vernz!

  4. @ sherry thanks She for dropping by...

  5. I don't go out much so I don't buy clothes often, I'm always with maong pants and chic tops.. Maong is very versatile..


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