Had I thought about this thing before I could also have done this, lol.

I’m talking about Chen Wei-yi, a 29-year old Taiwanese woman who married herself to resist social pressure.

Just like Pinoys, Taiwanese also put so much emphasis on the idea of marrying just before you will be past by time, er… translated in pinoy social set-up … para di ka mahuhuli sa biyahe ….

So Chen Wei-yi decided to marry herself, just like any normal wedding, only hers was the most unique, Chen vowed via putting on a ring …. To love herself…. Guests were said to be treated with a banquet in honor of the wedding.

Just speculating … the honeymoon maybe went-on just fine, there are so much preferences she can find from the shelves…. Hehehe… o ye! Name the size and the shape … hahaha.

Chen held this wedding ceremony as a protest against the exerted pressure in Taiwan on women to marry. Brought about by their flourishing economy, many Taiwanese women are marrying at an older age because they want to first get an education and find good job. Some Taiwanese have criticized Chen Wei-yi for this move, claiming that the ceremony was arranged for wedding gifts. 

Chen Wei-yi’s move made many conservative raised eyebrows, but for feminists, who advocate woman’s emancipation, this could be a move to somehow free women from the tyranny – they call heterosexual marriage. We-yi’s move has reaped support from various women’s rights advocates around the world. 

Same sex marriages have no place in a country where 80% are Catholics, I wonder if self marriages would find its place in lieu of this.

While the Taiwanese government is concerned about their low birth rates, which lead a campaign to promote marriage, the situation may seem the opposite here. Who knows this can be a way out to slowing our population growth.


  1. nyahahahahaha mabuang ko, nya manguha na lang ta ani sa stante ug size and shape na gusto nimo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hahaha naka utot ko nimo ug kinatawa dah! bueng jud ka Vernz hahahahaha

    ka unique b sad aning bayhana oi hehehe

  2. ahahah! hala ka ate oi! nalingaw pud ko sa shape ug size! hihihi... di ko ka imagine... di nako keri kay wala paman ko ka try... tinuod man ni akong nasulayan..bwahahaha!

  3. Wow very interesting. Maganda naman sya, nagmadre na sana sya heheheh

  4. hahaha... "in sickness and in health, till death do us part" nga un sis...

    kaya lang, mas prefer ko pa rin ung totoong tao, hehehe.

  5. astig! kaya lng iba pa rin yung me nagmamahal sayo na ibang tao. hihi. wag na lang pakasal. haha!

  6. Maayong adlaw/gab-i kaninyong tanan diha tVernz..


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