It may not be a palace, by any means, but my bedroom is a corner that belongs to me. I regard my bedroom a sacred place, a room that is a witness to all my heartaches and pains. It has become my home within a house, a lawn less home so to speak.

Since we still share house with my mother-in-law, I cannot just pull and push some permanent fixtures inside this house though for many years we have replaced some of our bedroom fixtures, and not the permanent ones like walling and permanent walk-in closets.

For the longest time we been bedding Japanese style since the little kids doze with us, we cannot compromise their safety that they might fall down of bed. Their grow-ups now and my eldest has made a lair of his own. Thus, I’m planning to buy a new bed for our bedroom, something rustic in theme or anything near to that tune, of course, the price is of much consideration.

I’ve been searching online lately for rustic bedroom furniture and there are quiet pretty ones… see this? love to snuggle here all day long.

Disclaimer: Photo Not Mine

Ladies it is said that your bedroom is your behavior in it, more than tidiness I think I’ve developed this habit of shying away and hiding myself inside my room.

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