At last I can breathe now my visitors had transferred to a self catering apartments nearby, it’s not that I don’t like them here; it’s just that this is not my house that’s why. I’ve been haggling between mothering, hosting, blogging and teaching these past few days, I wish I had Narda’s magic stone, I don’t mind swallowing it even without water, it would give me superpowers anyway, lol.

But kidding aside, that’s the downside having to live with in-laws, the thing I’ve been dealing with shattered heart for the last ten years, I wonder even how I lasted this long.

Anyway, these people are long time friends of mine from Butuan City, they’re in Davao for a Christmas leisure trip, I know they’re just teasing me and really have no intention of staying in my MILs place, who would want to after knowing my circumstance. But I’m so glad I have more reasons to go out now, lol, meaning some things has to take a backseat, haisst I hate it having to leave a day not logging in to adgi. I think I really need that magic stone, lol.

Thanks ladies for dropping by.

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  1. Hahahaha Narda or Darna pala ah hehehe.. Bili ka ate ng dlimon baka umpekto lol..


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