Photo Not Mine
I’ve been thinking lately of coming to a place close to nature to unwind, some place peaceful and quiet, some place where you can just let everything go.

How I wish I could just work loose, stay at some luxury lodges and lazy around all the day long. Sound so ideal thing to do this holidays, but to be honest finances are my main consideration. But in any case you are well liquid and have more than extra, then splurging on luxury lodges amid stunning and tranquil scenery is a privilege you can enjoy, life is short so they say, so enjoy it while you still can.

So, why give it a second thought, soaking in that jacussi with lovely greenery as the background is just perfect, do it now!


  1. yeah sure, why not..pero gae sa ko pang gastos nyahahahaha.

    haguy Vernz, lagi oi, laguta nako nga mag exam na pod diay, sugod ko ani sa uno hahaha. wa na naman nako gipa renew gud kay gibaligya naman amo car, nya wa naman ko ka driban waaaaaaaaaaaa...ang penalty noon kay gamay ra ..75.00/yr ra...ahak oi hehehe

  2. Ali girl uban ta adto ta pearl farm hehehe


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