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I just received a call from a nurse friend of mine who is now working in a hospital in San Diego. It seems like yesterday that we were running around our backyard and there they are working like a dog in the foreign shores.

But I think that’s one of the perks of working away from home you got to see places, in fact as they call, they’re crazy roaming Hollywood Museum along with her padmates. She said, they had this Go San Diego Card that allows them free admission to many attractions in San Diego.

Gosh, I’m jealous to death; if I were there I could also have roamed around with them, I miss the fun, how I long to see Marilyn Monroe and her famous ‘blown-away’ skirt. What can I do I’m stuck around here wondering when can I get out of this gummy situation.

Anyway, if you’re planning a grand time in a budget there are low cost San Diego attractions you still can enjoy even without spending a fortune. I’m excited how they’ll all look at Facebook.

Tata, thanks everyone for taking time to read.

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