I’ve read it in one of the blogs around this absurd practice hardcore gamers in China are into. Imagine, three days straight nudging the mouse without something to neither eat nor sleep just to beat this outrageous red-tailed dragon online. Wow! It really made me crazy thinking, in fact wondering if there are tubes attached to their ‘johnnys’ so they won’t be standing up to pee anymore.

In the end someone gave in and joined his creator sooner than expected. Well,  obviously, this is yet again another classic example of ‘everything in excess is injurious’.

Hence, (grinning) am I blogging in excess? LOL … but I never forget to take in some chips; perhaps this wont let me see my creator soonest. Actually these are my blogging flakes … este … corn flakes; I prefer chomping them over biscuits because they’re not as sweet and not as messy, besides no fear of crumbs getting in-between keyboards, and another thing  they’re not attractive to ants.

I actually got this energy drink idea from Dhemz; I read it once in her post that she’s into it. On the contrary, I drains me more than it energizes me, after my body used up all the boosters in this magic potion, it made me rather sleepy… wahhh so, it’s no use.

Tata ladies, thanks for dropping by.


  1. So funny hahaha, habang binabasa ko kasi tong entry mo eh nagngangata ako nng tostitos lol..

  2. good tip about the cornflakes...though i havn't tried energy drink again after trying it in college at iba ang naging effect, i am more sleepy than being awake...anyway, happy friday! :)

    PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  3. aha!preho pala kayo ni Ate Rose na may kinukutkot pag nag ba-blogging lol!

    Enjoy your weekend,sistah Vernz^_^

  4. I guess it is better to drink coffee hehehe

  5. hehehe...I guess it's better to eat nothing...nyhahaha....just messing up with you te...eheheh!

    agi ko dire kadali...ugma rako banat ug blog hop...paramdam lang ko kadali!

  6. ako naman steaming hot coffee while blogging

    Happy foodtripping, check out my entry too.
    Food and Passion
    I Love Darly

  7. Hi girl Ill be adding this blog here

    My Daily Mumbles

    My new blog hope you can add me too thanks!


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