Sometimes a thing we least thought of using in home decorating can transform a space into something grand and awesome.

A realization I had these past few days after I attended a friend’s house warming bash. Her place was set on a hilly terrain, the house was designed by a common architect friend, it has a modern minimalist architectural design with ecru and mahogany combo for the exterior paint, it looks damn small from the outside but the inside was astonishing.

At the end of the foyer is a Japanese garden with an open sky roof, it allows the natural wind to circulate inside. The living room furniture were of black and has blended well with the interior of the house, by the way this friend of mine is an interior designer, though still waiting for her license to be released.
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But what is most noticeable around the house is her use of clocks to decorate the walls, the living room has a sun-like iron-wrought-made d├ęcor with an analog clock on the center, the rays of the sun spread on the entire wall making it an attractive piece, the kitchen has one of these chiming wall clocks that sounds when it strikes six every morning and evening, she said she intentionally had that chime clock to remind her of her previous home, some sort of a nostalgic piece.

The master’s bedroom has nothing but six brown clocks on the wall set to six different time zones … awesome!

The rest of the house has practically different kinds, designs, colors of clocks, a thing that awed me that even a slightest piece I thought least significant can turn a space into something grand and novel.

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