Of wedding and whisky glasses

I’m at present on the process of honing the art of grace under pressure. I’ve no idea why I got involve here, but just in case you want to know why, a friend of mine is getting married in three days and there are still a lot of things to be done, I wonder even why I’m the ones panicking when I’m not the one getting hitched.

There’s actually is no royal wedding sort of ceremony, it’s just a simple UCCP church wedding ritual with immediate family as the witness and not even the closest friends were invited. I extremely understand why the couple did it so – economic reasons for sure.

The reception was booked for scarcely 25 persons only, a wedding reception way far-off from traditional Filipino wedding where the whole town is invited to a wedding feast. A practical picture of today’s current circumstance, that when you can’t afford it, say it.

In the Philippines, when you’re invited to a wedding you are expected to bring in a wedding gift in return, call it lucky, I’m one of those distinguished 25 so I’m strained to scout for something nice and practical that they can use after the wedding.

I was originally planning to buy a set of whisky Glasses, so far the most popular choice at any wedding registry counters in town. I plan to have one wrapped at a newly opened Abreeza Mall here in Davao, but when I get there, curious humans swelled making it hard to move around.

The next mall -GMall up the street was having a grand sale; there weren’t elegant designs for a whisky glass on display so I opted to buy one of these decanters instead. I’m planning to fill-in it first my origami stars which I painstakingly did several months back, before they can use it to its very purpose, I find it a novel idea for a gift. How do you like it?

Tata ladies, need to have my hair fix first before the big day, actually not my big day :)


  1. we did this one during college days...ka cute jud ani kay whisky man ang gamit.

  2. wow ka cute jud ani ate! oi busy diay ang beauty nimo run te.. nah hala pagpa gwafa jud basta ingon ana nga mga okasyon..hehehe!


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