...er a money of one's own.

If you’re a literary geek, you can immediately tell I borrowed my title from Virginia Woolf’s 1929’s extended essay of same title ‘A room of one’s own’. While Virginia emphasized on the idea that women should have her own room and money to write, I would deduce it as women should have an income of her own to go same.

Right now I live by my husband’s monthly allowance, I have a part-time and blogging job though, but I still wish I have a regular income. Nothing beats spending money without thinking of any guilt after.

Besides getting regular perks and benefits from the company you're working, you also have other privileges like applying for loans from outside entity. I find this idea very practical because in times of dire need your company can only help up to the ceiling, more than that you are on your own.

Loan entities guarantee loans fast approval, should you meet requirements to qualify; like;
  1. You should be currently employed
  2. You should have a bank account of your own with your name pre-printed on the checks.
  3. You should be of legal age, 18
  4. And have a minimum of $800 income + benefits to qualify.
One more awesome thing about this online loan thingy is that you don’t need to dress up and made-up to visit a physical office to fill-in the blanks. All these are accessible online and require only a click of your fingertips to apply.

How I wish I had a regular job now, I would be the first person to apply right at this very instant.

Though I’m playing sane, I’m actually going insane inside me…:)

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