I often see this window display at a local shoe store here in Davao. If we look at it on its aesthetic and artistic perspective, indeed the artist has somewhat conveyed the message of trend in pop fashion which is actually the reason why such visuals were imagined.

But shall I blame myself for having this ‘F’ mind, minding someone else’s art, analyzing and evaluating such a picture beyond what I see? So sorry about this but I just have to say my piece on this.

Look, if you think this picture is just fine, then to me it isn’t. Why are women represented and presented not only on this display, but practically in all forms of media in such a dehumanizing manner, women are turned into objects of consumption. if you look around majority of these billboards in the sky has women with an open mouth or if not half naked and all that.

They could have displayed there the whole mannequin to represent women and not this dismembered type of a woman devoid of brain and upper torso.

Honestly, I really think that as our society progresses there would be more of this subtle, unquestioned practice in mass media - dismemberment of women … and if this will debated further – would boil down to freedom of art expression and all that – all at the expense of women!

Do you agree? I’d love it when you share your thoughts with me. Thank you.


  1. I agree ate, iba nga ang portrayal ng representation na yan hehehe.

  2. I totally agree with you teVernz...but sa panahon ngayon, you can't avoid seeing these stuff around....it's absurd!


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