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It was back in high school when I first heard of Croatia, it was in our Geography class back then that our teacher would let us memorize the world countries and their capital and the most terrible part fill in those blank maps before time or you’ll starve in the classroom looking at the map. I didn’t forget it though and wasn’t even mindful of what’s on this country until the Croatian war of Independence broke off in early 1990s – that was the most horrific scene ever flashed on television screens during those years. Almost 20 years after Croatia declared independence from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; it is now a prime destination every living human should explore before anyone will finally let their last curtain call.

Today, Croatia reveal more its beauty, rich culture, glorious history and welcoming wonderful people to the world.

Despite the hype of industrialization and modernization Croatia has managed to preserve its cultural heritage worthy of experiencing, feeling and embracing by someone like me who practically lived halfway round the globe.

At present, tourism is one of the notable source of the country’s income, there are around 11 million foreign tourists walking in this nation state of the Croats every year making Croatia the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world.

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And if you’re still planning as to where to spend your time, your honeymoon, your anniversary or family vacation this summer – then think no more, call up your travel agent and book your next homeaway from home at any of these spectacular Croatian cities, Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatian Coast your choice of splendid cities in Croatia.

Getting around Croatia don’t just let you experience a vast and alive museum, it also has magnificent countryside with its unspoiled nature parks and pristine beaches you sure would make the most out of your stay.

If I’ll fly today I’ll choose to stay at the Island of Hvar, stay at a beautiful apartment with a breathtaking sea view, I’m pretty sure I can reconcile the characters in my long over-due fiction, that besides the perks of sitting lazily with my fave paperback, how’s that? Feels awesome!

Villas in Croatia are the most terrific in the world, with luxurious amenities and unparalleled personal staff service; you sure would come back again. So what the awesome stuff are you waiting for, book your flight today, pack your bags and let’s explore Croatia, remember to travel light!

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