I'm Angry!

'You seem to be of different size than me piggy?'
"That's the truth of matter red grumpy bird, we're really not of the same size' .. lol.

I'm actually not feeling well these past few days, maybe because I'm seeing heaps of papers on my desk.. huhuh, or maybe it's because of this lump that was made out of dang! heavy metal toy that I accidentally dropped on my toe, I saw stars when that happened - and a plenty of them. Or maybe having to deal with a lot of negativities around here, trying to become positive despite the grumpy birds trying to pull this woman down. They can't beat me! Lol.

Anyway, I don't own this awesome dang angry breast protector, I saw it in one of the stores online, I was planning to buy one but was thinking, gosh, I think I needed a see-through top on this so those that I came along would have that idea what message I'm trying to tell them.. hahaha... This is cool! Wait, by the way, do you know what's these guys' names? I wonder what's these grumpies' called, any idea?

Image not mine


  1. wow nice lagi kay morag gapamaak nyahaha! tagpila pud ni ate? naa diay plano mupalit KUK!

    agi ko sa isa sa imong payag te :) mwah!

  2. nyahahaha..una ka palit ana Vernz, palit sa daan ug see-through top kay way makakita if dili see-through imo suot..si piggy-bird na hehehe

    wa pa naayo imo tiil? basig mao nay naka kalintura nimo..inom ka anti-biotic para sa imo tiil..

    di diay ka kapa miktyur ron sa kadayawan...adto ko unya, uban si janjan nako hehe

  3. hahhahaha...shuang...as in d balance....joke!

    agoy, available ko te....hire lang ko mag check anang g pang file sa imong desk...hehehhe!

    na dko palit ani nga bra woi..lol...have no idea kung kinsa ni sila...lol!


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