I don’t travel often, that’s why I make sure I watch lots of travel movies as often as possible. My latest catch was this documentary about Planet Earth shot entirely at the North Pole. I never knew weather can be so erratic in that extremely cold place, one moment it’s sunny and all of a sudden it is freezing.

What really amazed me was the presence of women scientists that came along with the expedition; they were in search for the deepest carbon stored for dating and other environment related stuff. I was thinking if I were in that woman’s shoe I would never survive a - 43*C temperature! I think to survive that I would get myself layers of thermal undergarments to protect me from the cold.

Lately, I learned that tourists are now welcome to travel to the North Pole. I too dreamed of standing on the spot where all geographic points in the world converge. For sure I would travel in style but I wonder how many layers of thermal garments I would use to keep my knees from trembling. Even just the thought of it gives me the chills.

But seriously, this may sound like an extreme adventure but this is one thing one should consider doing before it’s all too late. It would be a life changing experience for anyone interested. Well, if I’m given the chance of a lifetime to explore the extreme, why not. Ah, the thought of it has frozen me already.

(Image not mine)

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