Accumulating age is a natural phenomenon and everyone should deal with it – but this occurrence is a big deal and it’s a much talked-about experience when taken in the context of women.

Yes,  sad  as it  may  seem  but our culture has  it  that  as  women age  and  her forehead lines begun to appear her social value decreases - it’s hard to get a job, it’s harder to find stable partner, often have higher risk pregnancy etc., etc., and above all the honest struggle to keeping young and wrinkle free. Women has gone far and wide often cruel journey in search for that fountain of youth just to slow down if not halt aging.

Healthy Living

Some say women need not to search far as the source of the fountain of youth is just within their hands, the secret - this may sound a cliché, but it’s always healthy living.

The right choice of healthy food is a major factor to decelerate aging, food that are rich in anti-oxidants – like Cruciferous vegetables that include - cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, etc. Food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids normally found in Tuna and other fishes to name a few.

Water therapy is another one major groundwork to achieving youthful and fresh-faced glow, normal tap water will do but it’ll be more hydrating and nourishing if you’ll guzzle on coco water as it’s a natural isotonic beverage that is quickly absorbed by the body – lucky those who are living in the tropics, and that’s me, I always got to sip all fresh and preservative free right from the nut.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. My blogging stuff often deprived me with this, but this all what we need if were serious to staying fresh and young looking.

Choose the right product. If we look at the beauty product market today you’ll just be amazed with the thousands of names available to take from – confusing in fact, which is why extra care to picking on which best anti wrinkle cream shouldn’t be taken for granted. Most beauty experts suggest to read labels and read reviews as this is the best way to knowing the reliability of the product. The internet provides venue for us to read through some, I spend time reading for the sake of my health.

Positive attitude

Always nurture an aura of positive attitude. Some women optimists say - age is just a number and staying, keeping young is an attitude.

They aren’t too demanding to comply, a perfect way to age gracefully.

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