Are you still thinking of unique and out of the box footwear idea or giveaway on your big day? Then read through this;

Often, we ladies think of bridal sandals to be elegant, formal and every inch a royalty, a reason why we’re always boxed to conventional way of choosing white, gold often stone studded bridal stilettos. Well, I also go for this traditional one as they’re matchless and timeless.

But if you’re adventurous and want something unique a footwear or a giveaway that your guests would love on your wedding day, then I suggest you take flipflops to the next level. Yes, I’m talking about bridal Havaianas sandals – after the formal ceremonies at the church would it be time to celebrate and have fun? And what could be more soothing than taking off those heels and party the night away in comfort?

And if you’re having your big day at the beach, these ultra soft flipflops are matchless. They’re just perfect for the sand.

You did hear about Ivanka Trump’s $265,000 blinged Havaianas on her wedding day, didn’t you? Hers was way too glammed, I’m talking financial reality here and this Slim Crystal Bow flipflop embellished with pretty metal bow is a perfect option, it also comes in pink color you’ll surely love it or better yet make-your-own that reflects well your personality, individuality and style and above all it’ll cost you as little as $38.00.

So start working on your unique bridal footwear today, I hope you’ll come back and share your pics to me. Deal?


  1. pagka cute sa Bridal Flipflops, as in...okay, i-share nako pic nako if kaslon ko sa Sweden, nyahahahaha.

  2. I would love to wear this flip flops on my wedding day. =)

  3. Nice information about female footwear which is traditional one but matchless.This flip flop will look elegant in wedding ceremonies too.


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