I heard about this nail color techno from a friend who worked as a sales lady in one of the posh malls in London, she was assigned at the nail color section, hence, her first hand knowledge on this. I was trying to find one whether it's already available in the Phil. market but seems likes there's none yet.

I can't wait to try this, actually this isn't really magic, it has something to do with the practical application of physics, which, I needed not to discuss here, but this is awesome nail art invention.

But despite this, I still won't leave my traditional nail artist, she's quiet an expert having to do all those lil flowers manually. But for vanity sake, this is a must try.

See how it works;

See the whole collection at the product site here.

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  1. I like her nails. Some of my nails are not shiny since they are affected with nail infections before.


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