Miranda Kerr's $2.5million Victoria’s Secret ‘Fantasy Bra’

Photo by Telegraph.co.uk

If you're a bra fetish you've probably had drooled over this million-dollar Victoria Secret bobbie wrap. Yeah, anytime this month this ‘fantasy bra’ will be worn by Miranda Kerr on Victoria Secret’s catwalk.

It was said that it took a London-based Jewelers 500 hours to tack all those 3,400 gems – that include diamonds, pearls, aquamarines, citrines on this push-up bra. The centerpiece of the tassel is bejeweled with two 8-carat diamonds and two yellow 14-carat diamond.

Kerr was quoted saying …

"It's such an honour to wear the bra," Kerr told People magazine . "And it's such a piece of artwork! It's absolutely stunning - it kind of feels a little mermaid-like - but I can't believe I'm wearing $2.5 million on my chest."

Wow, whatta chest! I was thinking what does it take to be a Victoria Secret model? Hmm… that I’m determined to know.


  1. so pretty, hehe.. can't afford this bra

  2. haguy ginoo..unsa man mag bra lang ta mugawas ani kay aron mahibal-an nga VS worth $2.5 bra na atong suot? waaaaaaaa...

  3. isuot na Mommy Verna imong bra ky basin makawat :-)

  4. makonsensya man sad ko mosuot ani nga bga oie...ferti man kamahal..daghan nako mapalit bugas ug sud-an ani..hehehe

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  6. ayayay 2.5? my golly...bili nalang ako nang mansion sa pinas...hahhaha!


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