An Essential Guide to Country Clothes For Women

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Whether you live in the country or simply love getting out of the city at the weekend, dressing the part is not only a fashion choice, it is also necessary for making the most of outdoor activities. When you are passionate about all things rural, the thought of devoting a day to hitting the shops in order to find suitable outdoor clothing is likely to fill you with dread. A solution to this problem is to purchase your country clothing online and the following is a guide to the sort of clothing you can find with ease in just a few clicks.


From taking a meander off the beaten track to equestrian activities, a great pair of boots suitable for multiple activities is a must. High quality boots can be found online but be sure to study their specification to ensure they are lightweight, flexible, durable and of course stylish.


For warmth without restriction whilst out and about in the countryside, a gilet will form an integral part of your country wardrobe. For quality assurance choose a high cotton content and be sure to check it is comprised of shower proof fabric.

Rugby Shirts

No country clothing range would be complete without a classic rugby shirt; ideal for a range of outdoor activities these tops are available in numerous colours and patterns for both men and women. To guarantee quality, choose a manufacturer that pre-washes their items as this will prevent shrinkages.


Those serious about enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer will need to ditch the skinny jeans in favour of a more durable and flexible alternative. Equine trousers such as jodhpurs are an essential purchase for those looking to ride in comfort, whilst waterproof trousers are also indispensable for those looking to enjoy the countryside in all conditions that the unpredictable British weather has to offer.

Tweed Jacket

It may be a bit of a cliché, but the tweed jacket is synonymous with country style, and let’s face it they can look really classy when the cut and finish are right. Arriving back at the house after a day of outdoor activities, you can simply throw on a tweed jacket to smarten up in an instant ready for an evening at the country club.

When looking for country clothes online, ensure these essential items are ordered from a reputable provider and you can rest assured that style, comfort and durability will be delivered as standard. 

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