Anti Crime Lipstick

Yes, it’s a Lipstick Pepper Spray.

Anywhere we go we always hear women being attacked, held-up, raped, slapped, gunned etc. probably the idea that women should be protected and cosseted has taken a reversed coursed and that they became favorite targets of horrendous people in our society.

Here in Davao City alone, series of killings involving women always tops the morning papers and TV shows, it’s just like watching a regular Saturday morning cartoon show, in fact, I’m not stunned anymore which is supposed to be my normal reaction knowing women being held-up and killed, the sad part is that I’m getting used to it? Horrible.

Security experts would often say staying at home and avoid as much as possible being on the streets at night is the most potent anti-crime solution, but living in urbanized cities this idea can’t likely be avoided. Hence, women should be ready and armed all the time.

This is just so cheap at $12 you can already have this lipstick look-alike pepper spray. How about pretending to re-touch and PSSSSTTT! This attractive lipstick case is sure to trick and ward off potential attackers. This contains ½ oz of pepper burst and can spray at a range of 6 feet. Women, get yourself armed!

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